Jenny Levers




Jenny is an accomplished Client Liaison Manager in the field of Business Improvement and Change Management. She is an advocate of Lean Six Sigma as an improvement approach having witnessed the successful implementation of many Green and Black belt projects in both manufacturing and service sectors.

Prior to joining Catalyst in May 2015, Jenny was Director of Services Limited, a small quality management and training consultancy, led by the well known authority on Organisational Excellence, Professor Tony Bendell.

Jenny joined Services Limited as a Bookkeeper/Secretarial Assistant in 1995 and quickly progressed to become full time Client Liaison Manager and in addition a Company Secretary and Director.

With her team of four administrative staff, Jenny coordinated the delivery of all open and in-house training courses, custom-built consultancy projects and organisational assessments. As Liaison Manager, Jenny was responsible for ensuring that clients received clear advice on training and consultancy options, that the selected trainers and consultants were fully briefed and that communication remained effective throughout the term of contract.

Feedback from clients often commented on Jenny’s exceptional service.

Jenny has worked with national and international clients in business improvement areas, across a range of industries and in both private and public sectors, ranging from large organisations such as Rolls Royce, The Ministry of Justice, Leicester City Council, British Gypsum, EE to the smaller SMEs as well as departments of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai governments.

Jenny has helped coordinate many projects including the:

– attendance of hundreds of delegates on open course programmes including Lean Six Sigma up to Black Belt, EFQM Licensed Assessor, Quality Systems, ISO 9001 and Integrated Management Systems

– design and coordination of over 50 Process Excellence Project Sponsor courses for a renowned aero-engine manufacturer across its divisions in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Germany and Brazil

– training in Lean culture and methods of some 370 Local Authority officers from 9 Local Authorities in the Midlands

– development of a long-term partnership, over a number of years, with a manufacturing client specialising in extruded plastic tubes in the implementation of a company-wide Six Sigma initiative

– implementation of Lean Operations and inefficiency/waste identification and removal and OEE & Total Productive Maintenance for a local engineering company