Jo Dowdall




Jo is a motivated and energetic business improver with extensive experience in developing and deploying Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, ISO and Excellence strategies across a broad range of organisations and sectors.

A BA (Hons) in History and English Literature, Jo’s previous employers include Masterlease Ltd (Quality Manager) and Investors in Excellence Ltd (Head of Assessment Solutions). Jo’s ability to assimilate and then effectively deploy external standards, eg ISO and IIE, companywide were her hallmark at these two organisations. She successfully trained delegates to become assessors to the standards as well as practicing “what she preached” by assessing organisations to the standards, providing value adding feedback.

“I get a kick out of helping people to access and understand business improvement”, says Jo. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing the meekest of church mice stand up at a flipchart and have a go at a new tool or technique.”

Jo’s customers regularly thank her for demystifying Lean Six Sigma and making concepts easy to understand. Said a recent advocate, “Jo possesses a deep passion for excellence and an insightful knowledge of good business practice which she communicates in the most engaging style”.