John Dagpunar

John Dagpunar

Associate Statistical Consultant

John has wide experience of  Mathematical and Statistical Modelling of industrial and organisational systems. He holds a B.A. in Physics from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Management Science and Operational Research from Warwick University, and a PhD in Statistics and Operational Research from Brunel University. He taught for many years in the University of Edinburgh and retains a continuing association with it in addition to a visiting post at the University of Southampton.

John has an international reputation in the field of Monte Carlo Simulation and modelling of Maintenance, Replacement, and Warranty problems, He has published over 40 papers and two major monographs1,2 which are widely consulted by both practioners and academics.

As a committed probabilist John likes nothing better than to provide analytical decision support for systems that have uncertainty embedded within them. In addition to the two major themes above, John has worked on sinking fund provision for housing associations, pension deferral, health service operations, revenue management in the airline industry, vehicle routing. John has been involved in projects with the former TI group, NHS, Yorkshire Water, MWH Global, TUI. In the Finance sector, John recently published a a paper3 on optimal pension deferral which resulted in an interview on BBC Radio 4 MoneyBox with Paul Lewis.

1Dagpunar, J S (1988) Principles of Random Variate Generation, Oxford University Press, New York, 228pages

2Dagpunar, J S (2007) Simulation and Monte Carlo: With applications in finance and Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Wiley, 333 pages.

3 Dagpunar, J.S. (2015) Deferring a State Pension – Is it worthwhile ? Significance,  Royal Statistical Society and Amerian Statistical Association, volume 12, issue 2, 30-35,