Catalyst provides a wide range of Lean and Agile training; as well as accredited courses in Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe® Scrum Master and Leading SAFe®), we offer Lean, Kanban, and Advanced Lean-Agile courses. Many of our specialist courses have been developed at the request of longstanding clients; those who recognise what Catalyst’s real world expertise can deliver to them, so work in an ongoing partnership aimed at transferring skills and expertise rather than just theory.

All our courses are delivered by expert training consultants with extensive hands-on practical experience. Our Lean-Agile trainers have spent many years aiding others to introduce, develop and embed Lean-Agile principles, practices and process improvements within their organisations. Our trainers have extensive knowledge about what works in the real world and how best to overcome specific challenges. They share their insights throughout the training and illustrate training principles with their own experiences.

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Through our training, coaching, and consultancy services, we support your organisation in achieving Agility; By unlocking the full benefits of Lean and Agile, we create highly performing collaborative teams that deliver value faster to your customers and users.


We believe that training gives individuals and organisations a firm foundation in the theory and practice of Lean-Agile approaches and techniques. Our coaching services take these lessons learned in the class room and expands the application to real world situations. We provide the right coaching for the right levels within the organisation, and assist wherever challenges may arise.


Our experienced coaches provide day-to-day guidance to leaders and teams and ensure that Lean-Agile practices take hold within teams and across the organisation. Coaching is about helping people unlock their potential to maximise their own performance.


Catalyst’s coaches bring extensive experience to help teams avoid pitfalls and operate more effectively. They also help organisations evaluate tools, implement advanced techniques (including lean start-up, value stream mapping, scale to larger projects, and progress towards Business Agility and Lean-Agile maturity). Our coaches not only improve the effectiveness of teams, but also support the Agile transformation process and propagate “Lean-Agile thinking” across diverse business functions for sustainable change.


Our expert coaches work directly with your leaders and teams to enhance their Agile understanding, behaviours and hands-on skills. We can also work with you to establish your own Agile Centre of Excellence, which expands this emerging best practice, ensuring internal capability to sustain the change.


We offer Executive Level, Leadership Level, Team Level and Technical Level coaching. Please contact the team for further information