Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Advanced Lean Six Sigma Advanced Green Belt

Substantial process improvements can frequently be brought about using the structured approach and the basic Lean Six Sigma problem solving tools (as covered on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training). That’s the right approach – don’t be more complicated than you need to be.

However, sometimes you need more powerful tools.  This may be after the low hanging fruit opportunities in your business have been addressed but some people will need these skills from the outset.

The Advanced Green Belt Programme is often chosen by engineers, scientists, managers in technical roles, business analysts and Green Belts who now need to upgrade their skill set.

Our Advanced Green Belt Programme consists of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt plus an additional two 3-day modules : Process Measurement and Control and Data Analysis Techniques which use Minitab software to add a comprehensive data toolset.

Who is this programme for?

Engineers, business analysts, quality professionals, scientists, business consultants. In addition to the skills taught on the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Programme you would like to know how to:

  • Present data to engage and influence your stakeholders
  • Validate the integrity of your data
  • Understand the right way and the right amount to sample a process
  • Use Statistical Process  Control (SPC) Charts to interpret and control processes
  • Assess process capability (Cp/CpK)
  • Use the appropriate metrics for reporting and improvement
  • Analyse process data using a variety of hypothesis and regression tests
  • Make decisions with data – correctly!

What will you learn?

As well as building proficiency in the use of Minitab, this intensive course provides a solid grounding in these essential techniques:

  • Process sampling
  • Assessing measurement system performance
  • Using Statistical Process Control Charts (SPC) to display and interpret the data
  • Process Capability Analysis (Cp/CpK)
  • Graphical Data Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Simple and Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Introduction to Logistic Regression and Design of Experiments
  • The background statistical knowledge to correctly apply, interpret and communicate the above

What are the key outcomes?

Outcomes for your business:

These powerful tools will enable your improvement projects to take performance to the next level and promote the development of data based decision making in your organisation.

Outcomes for your personal development:

The ability to use data with confidence to understand and analyse processes and influence your colleagues. You can progress from here to Black Belt level by completing 2 remaining modules – Managing Change and Advanced Black Belt Tools.

What’s included?

  • Printed copies of the training slides
  • Online access to:
    • PDF copies of the training material
    • 200 bite-sized videos covering all the course topics
    • Downloadable tools and templates
    • Supplementary reference guides to support you in your projects

How can you take the course?

  • Through Virtual Open Classroom Training
  • Through our Open Training hosted in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham
  • In-house tailored to your precise needs. Contact us for a quote

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