This highly practical three-day course is designed to enable participants to attain Lean Practitioner level certification with the British Quality Foundation (BQF).

The course content aims to provide participants with a sound knowledge of Lean Thinking, its key principles, concepts, and tools, and an awareness of the importance of Managing Change techniques to help ensure successful improvement.

The course also provides an ideal ‘top up module’ for people who have been trained as Six Sigma Green Belts or Black Belts, where Lean Thinking may not have been appropriately covered.

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The programme provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles, concepts and origins of Lean Thinking and how they have evolved, including an awareness of the Toyota Way philosophy and principles. Importantly, the focus is on applying these techniques in both a service and manufacturing environment.

The course content follows the structure of the ‘Go Lean’ book:


[box]‘Go Lean’ focuses on improving flow and reducing waste. It’s a practical guide showing you how to apply Lean Thinking to improve performance, especially in service and transactional processes.


This guide is written in the same style as one of John Morgan’s earlier books, ‘The Lean Six Sigma Improvement Journey’. Whilst it focuses on Lean, some Six Sigma tools and techniques are included, to provide appropriate rigour and ensure a systematic approach to improvement is followed.[/box]


As with all our training, the content and duration can be tailored to you, but the course is typically run as a three-day programme.

The supporting materials include the ‘Go Lean’ book, written by John Morgan, and complementary Pocket Guides.

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