This in-house programme looks to equip Managers and Team Leaders to more effectively run their day-to-day activities and understand that their role is to ‘work on their processes’ with the people ‘in the processes’ to find new ways of continuously improving performance.

This in-house course is usually run as a three-day programme, but a two-day version is available if time or budget considerations are an issue. And we can tailor a programme for you to meet any specific requirements you may have.

The content of our standard programme introduces a range of practical tools and techniques, providing hands-on exercises to help the participants understand how they can be used back in the workplace. The tools and techniques form part of the wider Lean Six Sigma toolkit, and, where appropriate, participants can upgrade to Green Belt at a later date.


A Managed Process

This course is structured around Catalyst’s definition of a ‘managed process’:

  • It’s owned
  • There’s a clear customer focused objective with prioritised customer requirements (the Critical to Quality customer requirements or CTQs)
  • There’s a process map (how the work gets done)
  • There’s a balance of measures (how well the work gets done)
  • The process performance is stable and predictable, or there’s an improvement plan in place to do so
  • It meets the CTQs, or there is an improvement plan in place to do so
  • It has been error-proofed
  • There’s a control plan

The programme also explains the background to Lean Six Sigma, introducing the key principles involved in this approach:

  • Focus on the customer
  • Identify and understand how the work gets done – the value stream
  • Manage, improve, and smooth the process flow
  • Remove Non-Value-Add steps and waste
  • Manage by fact and reduce variation
  • Involve and equip the people in the process
  • Undertake improvement activity in a systematic way

The supporting materials include ‘The Lean Six Sigma Improvement Journey’, written by John Morgan and complementary Pocket Guides.