The EFQM Excellence Model ® with its enablers and results is at the heart of Catalyst Consulting. It is the generally accepted framework for Business Excellence in Europe and many other parts of the globe. The principles and values provide a best practice framework against which organisations can review leadership and management capability, and the results delivered.

Catalyst Consulting has been helping organisations apply the Excellence Model for many years, including assisting several European and UK Quality Award winners. We enable leadership teams to review and discuss how they currently lead and manage their organisation against the framework and criteria of the model. This helps identify strengths and areas for improvement leading to the development of prioritised actions that link to the organisation’s strategic business plans.

Our two day facilitated workshop is aimed at the Senior Executive Leadership team – or sometimes the wider team including some of their direct reports. It helps break down functional barriers and ensures the entire Leadership team share a common understanding and purpose. It is particularly useful to undertake just ahead of the organisation’s annual business planning cycle.

Other Business Excellence services include:

  • Assistance with formal award applications whether for European, national or local awards
  • Integration of Lean Six Sigma and Business Excellence approaches within an holistic Continuous Improvement context
  • A number of the Catalyst team are accredited as EFQM Award Assessors for both the BQF and EFQM and in addition Rita Green is a Licensed EFQM Advisor
Quality Scotland is the National Partner of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and as the official home of the EFQM Excellence Model in Scotland, Quality Scotland is dedicated to helping all organisations in Scotland, whether in the public, private or third sectors in their pursuit of excellence.


Working with the EFQM Excellence Model

We can clearly distinguish two parallel streams that organisations use to drive results – the process (or ‘hard’) stream, and the culture (or ‘soft’ stream). Both link to two of our core competences of helping organisations improve performance and manage change.

  • In the first stream, Leadership develops and deploys the Policy and Strategy of the organisation through organising the business, and how processes are designed, improved and operated
  • In the second stream, Leadership drives the enterprise’s Vision and Values developing a culture that engages, motivates and empowers. Change Management principles, tools and techniques provide the best practice approach to improving how people and customers are influenced to support this strand

These streams are also interdependent at each stage as they flow from Leadership through to Business Results.