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Transformation Results

Real world results achieved with our guidance;

Reduction in time to process data formatting requests from 9 to 4 minutes

Fee earner feedback rate increased from <6% to >33%

Data entry error rate reduced from 8% to 1%

reduction in wait time

Reduction in time taken for tasks of between 5% and 75%

corresponding error rate reductions of 50-60%

reduction in “chaser” calls

Video Conference disruption rate reduced from ~10% of events to ~0%

Waste down 98%

Backlog down 48%

DSO down from 120 days max to 65 days

Additional benefits

  • Processes that are efficient and useable for the advisor
  • Payment declines resolved within a suitable SLA
  • The customer has the ability to correct their own payment decline online and knows what to correct to ensure that the order progresses
  • Facilitation of RPA automation
  • Reduced invoice failure rate by 75%, reduced shared services costs, enhanced visibility of unrecorded liabilities for client NG
  • More productive use of downtime, better recording and visibility
  • 78% reduction in reconciliation time
  • Updated process and documentation to reduce occurrence of identified failure modes
  • Halved TAT, improved productivity by 50%, improved customer satisfaction and cost savings

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