Why do Data Analysis Services help our clients?

Being able to access data skills on demand from a pool of experienced practitioners provides an organisation with the ability to provide insight rapidly without the time and cost involved in developing and maintaining an in-house capability. Our consultants also provide an external view and benchmark from their extensive consulting work experience, which adds extra value and robustness to the analysis and reporting produced from it compared to output from in-house resource.

We often find that those gathering data do not have the expertise to analyse it, while those analysing it have no part in, or understanding of how it was gathered! Our consultants do both and therefore can provide organisations with a unique end-to-end knowledge and ability.

What is it?

Organisations are creating data at an ever-increasing rate, however in many cases their ability to analyse this data and get insight from it is not growing as quickly. Catalyst staff have many years of experience reviewing and analysing real-world data from organisations of all sizes and sectors. We make this experience available to our clients as an outsourced service, chargeable on an hourly basis or as a contract arrangement for a specific assignment.

How do we do it?

Our consultants are experienced analysts with statistical skills, being veteran Minitab® users and trainers, as well as process and business improvement experts. Starting from your datasets we can provide comprehensive analysis and reporting as well as providing coaching and “challenge review” on analysis you have already carried out.

If you are at an earlier stage we can guide and support Data Gathering activities; including advising on Voice of Customer techniques, Validation of the measuring Process, sample sizing, Operational Definitions and mistake proofing your data collection.

This work can be carried out through remote channels or on site working alongside your staff.

Data Analysis Services

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