Strategy Deployment 71 percent

71% Executives

Strategy Deployment 40 percent

40% Middle Management

Strategy Deployment 3 percent

3% Rest of Work Force

As a result, it’s not too surprising that so many strategies fail to be effectively deployed!

How can Catalyst help?

What’s the position in your organisation? How well is the strategy understood by people? And is there a clear ‘True North’ that everyone is driving towards? Are the organisation’s business plans agreed using a catch-ball process, or are they simply imposed? Communication, buy-in and ownership are essential ingredients for success.

Catalyst’s DRIVE Model


In the Define phase, you’ve recognised where you want the organisation to be – its ‘True North’.


The Review phase provides a reality check assessing the organisation’s capability to achieve the change needed.


There are three parts to the Improve phase that look to prepare for the journey, the shape and scope of what needs to be done, and finally implement the agreed actions and projects.


The Verify phase you are monitoring progress and performance against plan ensuring that you are on track.


Finally, the Establish phase ensures the gains made can be held within the organisation. This is important as you seek to embed the new ways of working into the organisation.

Case Study

Brendan McNulty, Vice President and General Manager for UK and Ireland, Johnson Controls, Building Efficiency

We can help you develop and action the deployment plan needed.

Furthermore, see how Johnson Controls used Strategy Deployment to maintain their leadership in building technologies and services. Catalyst customer Brendan McNulty, Vice President and General Manager for UK and Ireland, Johnson Controls, Building Efficiency, shares his experiences.

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