Catalyst’s unique Business Improvement Zone (The BIZ) is an online Lean Six Sigma video library designed specifically to provide on demand revision training for Lean Six Sigma practitioners across the entire range of tools and techniques.

Delegates who attend Catalyst’s classroom based training courses are provided with personal access to the BIZ – to areas with content matched to their training level.

The BIZ consists of a number of zones:

  • White Belt Zone consisting of a series of short introductory modules providing Lean Six Sigma Awareness training
  • Green Belt Zone – includes over 150 video modules explaining the tools and techniques taught in our Foundation Green Belt programme.
  • Black Belt Zone – includes over 100 additional videos covering the full range of Black Belt statistical tools using Minitab with a video intro and outro to the various topics. Sandwiched in between is a step by step demonstration of how to use the tools in practice, showing the screen movements and commands needed in Minitab, as well as how to interpret the statistical output.
  • Deployment Zone – reserved for Deployment Leaders who are members of Catalyst’s deployment network. This zone contains a growing number of case studies recorded at Catalyst’s deployment network events from a wide range of Catalyst clients and other guest speakers.

Please get in touch to tell us a bit more about your training needs and we will get back to you with more information and options.

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