This five-day in-house programme aims to provide participants with a sound knowledge of Lean Thinking, its key principles, concepts, and tools, and an awareness of the importance of Managing Change techniques to help ensure successful improvement.

The programme content takes participants further on their Lean Journey than our Lean Practitioner course, though it is not essential for people to have undergone that training first.

Following the course, participants should be able to show how they influence change within their respective organisations and provide a level of support to assist project teams and managers within their respective organisations. They should also be able to plan, execute and follow up on Kai Sigma Rapid Improvement Events to ensure a successful outcome.


The course content is designed to enable participants to attain Advanced Practitioner level certification with the British Quality Foundation (BQF). It covers the principles, concepts and origins of Lean Thinking and how they have evolved, including an awareness of the Toyota Way philosophy and its principles.

In particular, the focus is on:


  • The importance of Customers, Suppliers and Stakeholders
  • How the work gets done and how well
  • Optimising process flow
  • Understanding the importance of team working
  • Participating in and leading improvement activity
  • Project scoping and strategic awareness
  • Enabling participants to use and facilitate a comprehensive range tools and techniques

Importantly, the emphasis is on applying these techniques in both a service and manufacturing environment.