Operational expertise: making things happen and delivering results.

Value Stream Mapping

Catalyst has particularly strong expertise in Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in both manufacturing and transactional environments.

Rapid Improvement Events

Kaizen Events (or ‘Rapid Improvement Events’) are intensive 3-5 day collaborative workshops which address specific improvement opportunities with a focused multi-disciplinary and multi-level team.

Leading Projects

When you need external help in leading a strategically important improvement project in your organisation from ‘soup to nuts’, Catalyst has the technical, leadership and change management skills required to step in and enable results.

Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation follows Continuous Improvement training or a Process Healthcheck, organisations identify the need to optimise and streamline their processes.

Lean Management Systems

Lean cultures grow from Lean Management, and so establishing systems of management with the associated disciplines, routines and behaviours enable leaders and managers to set the tone, role model ideal behaviours and ensure the principles of Lean thinking become embedded in the ways of working.

Facilitation Support

If you have a particularly thorny issue to solve, perhaps because of technical, political or financial challenges, then Catalyst can provide the specialist resource you need to address this effectively.

Unleashing Innovation

Innovation is critical to competitiveness and growth, but many organisations struggle with it. This can be due to many factors, including the confusion between Invention and Innovation and the failure to recognise that innovation is the multiplication of creativity and execution.

Data Analysis Services

Organisations are creating data at an ever-increasing rate, however in many cases their ability to analyse this data and get insight from it is not growing as quickly.