Recognising the need for rapid improvement, Catalyst has developed the application of Lean Six Sigma techniques in a workshop-based approach using the DMAIC framework.Kaizen rapid improvement workshop group around table

We have called this Kai Sigma, building on the Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) event-based approach but retaining the DMAIC Lean Six Sigma framework. This is very effective in ensuring that agreed actions are implemented and control measures are put in place to monitor ongoing operations.

Our emphasis on a rigorous and action-orientated approach, controls risks in the target process and delivers measurable and sustainable outcomes.

Typically, these smaller, narrowly scoped improvement activities are run over a few days in a series of facilitated workshops led by an experienced Catalyst consultant and is also a great way to engage and involve your staff as well.

Catalyst provides a range of further consulting services including:Kaizen rapid improvement workshop group

Take a look at our Kai Sigma Case Studies which outline how two Catalyst clients have benefitted