We offer a flexible approach to Awareness training. In addition to our free one-hour introductory webinar, we can provide a full one-day programme for in-house delivery. And, of course, we can tailor a programme specifically for you to meet the requirements of your audience.

We also offer an online ‘White Belt’ programme which builds on the webinar. This provides access to our White Belt online video library (17 bite-sized videos) plus a supporting pack of materials:

The one-day Awareness programme is a highly participative course, which introduces the key concepts, and benefits of Lean Six Sigma, including a brief introduction to the importance of the ‘softer skills’ needed for successful projects and change.

Programme Outline

The programme provides:

  • An understanding of the concepts, philosophy, and benefits of Lean Six Sigma
  • An overview of how Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken in organisations, including a look at roles, responsibilities, and project selection
  • A walk through ‘DMAIC’ (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control), the broadly adopted approach for improving existing processes, providing practical experience for a range of supporting tools, techniques, and concepts

Linked to the #1 Bestselling book Lean Six Sigma for  Dummies, written by Catalyst Directors John Morgan and Martin Brenig-Jones, the syllabus for the one-day programme includes:

  • Calculating and interpreting process sigma
  • The need for different thinking
  • A brief look at the Toyota Production System
  • Key principles and a systematic approach
  • The soft stuff
  • How Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken
  • Project selection
  • An introduction to:
    • Improving process flow
    • The Theory of Constraints
    • Reducing variation – using Control Charts
    • Tackling waste – the seven wastes and more
  • Introducing and deploying Lean Six Sigma

Participants will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the background, principles and fundamentals
  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities of people in the organisation
  • Understand the DMAIC process through presentations, discussion and exercises
  • Gain an awareness of the Lean Six Sigma toolkit
  • Learn about the issues involved in planning for and deploying Lean Six Sigma