Vince is an expert in Process Excellence, Continuous and Transformational Improvement. He held international senior executive positions at Hewlett Packard, Cable & Wireless, and in the Financial Services sector before forming Catalyst in 1995. One of Catalyst’s UK clients recently commended work that Vince had done to develop a Balanced Scorecard for them as ‘an excellent piece of consulting and a major breakthrough in thinking for the organisation‘. A Danish client remarked that a seminar on Lean Six Sigma was ‘inspirational’. Vince is a graduate from Cambridge University, and obtained his PhD in Physics from Manchester University. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Is Efficiency always about money, Money

Is Efficiency always about money?

We can probably all think about being more efficient ourselves. What do you want to save? The answer that’s likely to come to mind first is saving time.  According to the adage, ‘time means money’ – so perhaps it could ultimately come down to money. But what exactly is involved in becoming more efficient and what does…