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North Ayrshire Council Project

The North Ayrshire Council’s project focused on providing Occupational Therapy Equipment. This important service was taking too long, as much as a month on average. Using a series of workshops, process mapping and data collection, the team identified the non-value-add steps, and developed a new streamlined process. The control stage of the DMAIC process continued…


20th Anniversary Event

All the signs point to Catalyst – enabling results for 20 years Catalyst Consulting would like to thank everyone who attended our 20th Anniversary Event at The Dorchester Hotel on 25th September 2015. Our event, hosted at The Dorchester Hotel celebrated 20 years of Catalyst Consulting. Alongside presentations from Vince Grant, John Morgan and Richard…

John Morgan

Errornomics: Addressing Wasted Time, Effort and Money

This article was written by Catalyst Consulting Director John Morgan on 6 Oct 2015, shortly before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The article explores his concept of Errornomics and eliminating waste in processes. Recently, I found myself on jury service. It was an interesting, but frustrating experience as I witnessed so much waste within the system and processes…