Agile Project Management Course Launched

We’re increasingly hearing about ‘Agile’ it seems to be becoming a buzzword perhaps starting to go viral. But what really is it? And why should we all take an interest? Look it up in the dictionary and you’ll likely find two meanings: Firstly its common everyday use – ‘able to move quickly and easily’ with […]

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Haiku Competition Winners

John loved a good competition and in particular a poetry competition! greatest loves was poetry We are pleased to announce the winners of our Haiku Competition and here are the winning entries Rubbish processes? Waste of money, brains and time Lean Six Sigma – yah! Amanda Beard – The Phone Co-op We talk and we […]

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Launch of new Six Sigma Training Website

With more demand for our online lean six sigma training, we are seeing a lot more use of our new global learning management system. This system allows us to deliver our programmes on a global scale, either as fully online or blended or classroom based and we can mix and match online training modules, class […]

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John Morgan

Last February our dear friend and colleague John Morgan sadly and prematurely passed away. It seems hard to believe that a year has gone by since then. With the perspective of that year we can appreciate much more clearly the legacy he left us all. John was a much better ‘Reflector’ than me, but reflecting […]

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Curious times call for curious leaders

You are on a train/in a meeting/drinking coffee and you hear the Breaking News alert on your phone. “What now?” you wonder. And you would be forgiven for including an expletive or two in your musing. Uncertain economic growth, unpredictable exchange rates, the future of the Eurozone … we live in ‘interesting’ times. In the […]

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Cinderella Meeting Prince Charming

Prince Charming

As it’s the season for pantomime, This month’s blog is set in rhyme! It might seem whimsy or a little bit twee, But it’s still Lean Six Sigma, as you’ll see! Are you ready to start? It’s not so alarming This article’s about…Prince Charming!   Have you ever thought, and did you consider, How he […]

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How Brian Saved Christmas

It was the week before Christmas, and Santa’s workshop was very busy indeed. In Santa’s HQ, footage from SantaCams across the globe was being scrutinized to confirm who’s been Naughty or Nice, spreadsheets prepared and route-planners updated. Out in the stables the reindeer were being groomed, and the sleigh serviced and shone to perfection. This […]

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Cup of hot latte art coffee on wooden table

Small is beautiful

‘The Latte Factor’ is a term used by financial author David Bach to describe the tiny expenditures we make, frequently and without thought, on things that don’t add value. These add up! If we saved or invested the small amounts we pay for our daily coffee, says Bach, we could be wealthier. It brings to […]

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hand nurturing and watering young baby plants growing in germination sequence on fertile soil with natural green background

Cultivating Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement (CI) is not about tools, techniques and projects applied as a formula, it’s about principles and behaviours. The tools and methods of CI themselves, whilst important, too often become the goal itself, rather than the means, leading to a disconnection from the original (higher) purpose and hence fragmentation and disillusionment. Consequently CI, under […]

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