Life Saving Rules For Quality

The Lifesaving Rules for Quality  

Occupational Safety professionals in industries like construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, and mining use the term “Life Saving Rules” to outline the measures people should take to protect their safety at work. The rules are non-negotiable and typically focus on high-risk activities or situations where a single mistake could have severe or fatal consequences. Because…


2024 – The Year We MAKE THINGS Better: A New Chapter in UK Manufacturing

Key Points at a Glance Growth in UK Manufacturing: Poised for a resurgence with technological and policy-driven advancements. Catalyst’s Role: Leveraging deep industry experience to drive innovation and operational excellence. 2024 Training Programs: Focused on practical applications for manufacturing sector challenges. Commitment to Improvement: Empowering change and continuous improvement in UK manufacturing. Introduction As we…


One IWA Programme: Collaboration, Change, and Real Impact

Introduction: The collaboration between the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) and Catalyst Consulting is a fine example of collaborative partnership. Our combined effort, the “One IWA Programme,” sought to address the intricate challenges faced by the IWA community, aiming to bring about tangible, lasting change. This initiative has earned a nomination for the Learning in Excellence…


From Postman to Podcast Master: How Matt Sims Inspires a Culture of Lean Excellence

In Brief: Matt Sims is a content creator and Lean Master with over 15 years of experience in Continuous Improvement. He hosts a podcast called “The Ever-So-Lean Podcast” that aims to inspire business owners and program managers to embrace Continuous Improvement. In his presentation, Matt shares his journey from being a postman to a distribution…

ChatGPT Blog Post Featured Image

Revolutionising Business Process Improvement: Using ChatGPT as Your Secret Weapon

The brief version: ChatGPT is an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can help businesses in many ways, and this video focuses on problem solving and process improvement. The Catalyst team demonstrate how you can use ChatGPT as an ’additional team member’ to help identify and solve process issues, generate insights, and enhance customer satisfaction.…